Minggu, 05 Juni 2016

News Article

Managing Time is The Power of Success
by An English Literature Department Chief

As we know, we need a lot of things to fulfill our life. Therefore, everybody has a lot of activities. We do so many different activities, and we should do these. My question is, did we do all activities well? If it didn’t, why can it happen? I think it is about time management. Before we begin to manage our time, it is batter to know what time is. Joe mathews thinks that there are two types of time: clock time and real time. In clock time, there are 60 seconds in aminute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year. All time passes equally. When someone turns 50, they are exactly 50 years old, no more or less. In real time, all time is relative. Time flies or drags depending on what we are doing. Two hours at the department of motor vehicle can feel like 12 years. And yet the 12-year-old child seem to have grown up in two hours. Which time describes the world in which we really live? Organizing the clock time to finish our duties can also organize our real time.
Her name is Tribuana Sari. She is one of lecturers in English Literature Department of Jenderal Soedirman University. She had been teaching since 2006 in UNSOED. Beside lecturing, she is the chief of English Literature Department. She teaches many subjects, but Reading is the subjects she teaches for learning skill. She taught 16 hours a week. It was not only in one place, but two faculties in UNSOED. Realizing the fact, she was difficult to manage her time and she confused to continue her research.  After the changing of the time, she feels more better to do all her duties. Now, she is only teaching 8 hours a week. Besides, she has to control and manage everysingle thing of the prody.
She has two sons. She taught her sons to be independent because of Mrs. Nana’s busy schedule. Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they  learn to do more and more tasks. It providers can help young children become independent by allowing and encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves whenever possible. They learn so much from doing things for themselves. When children practice self-help skills, they practice their large and small motor skills, gain confidence in their ability to try new things and build their self-esteem and pride in their independence.
For the last session, she gave her arguments about the student university. Student university is an independent person. They do not bind any group or community, it is diffirent with student in senior high school. They don’t wear any uniform or any symbol because they are independent. However, they can’t balance their independent with their acts. It is a usual thing to be late to come to class. It is because they can’t manage their time well. Therefore, be wary about the time! Nobody can help you except you. In conclusion, to be able to do everything to be success, managing time is the key.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review

Cinta Brontosaurus

Book Title               : Cinta Brontosaurus
Author                     : Raditya Dika
Genre                      : Comedy, Romance
Publisher                 : Gagas Media

Year of Publication : 2006

This novel contains 13 experiences of the author (Raditya Dika) that are packed into one novel. This definitely fit the title of this novel contains of the author's love stories who packed into a comedy that can make the readers laugh because of his humor and silliness. The story in the novel is the real experience of the author. Cinta Brontosaurus novel tells the daily story of  an author named Raditya Dika, who was born on 28 December 1984. This novel begins with his love story moment in elementary school. When he was in elementary school, he like a girl in his class named Lia. He decided to write a love letter to her. In order to look cool, he plans to write a letter in English. He meant to say "I think about you every night" in English. But , he just knew the sound, do not know how to write it. "I thing of  you every ..." knowingly he began to write. But how to write 'Night'? Fortunately, at that time there was Masked Rider Knight impressions. He thought it must be a way to write 'Night'. Without thinking, he went on to write "I thing of you every knight". But it turns out the girl had lived in America. Instead of responding to the Dika’s love letter, in her reply, Lia instead criticize the wrong words in his love letter.
The story above is just one of several stories in the book "Cinta Brontosaurus". By using the first-person perspective, this book becomes interesting because it is peppered with Dika’s silly thoughts.
The advantages of this novel is on the way of delivering an interesting story. That is by using daily language that are easily understood by the reader. And he is telling a story that actually tragically,  be "ridiculous" which can make us laugh and smile when reading this novel. Beside from the way of delivery, the advantages of this novel is the content of the stories is interesting, funny, and entertaining.

Disadvantages of this novel perhaps only in words rather vulgar and not censored, but it did not become a big problem because all covered with interesting storytelling. I think this novel will be great when added to other stories, not just about romance stories.

Selasa, 19 April 2016

Short Story

Lonely Whale

I swim towards my future
In the clear sea
I believe in
My mother told me the sea was clear and blue
Told me to be loud so that others can hear it
But what do I do?
It’s so dark here

      Recently, I am interested about something. It is a song. A Korean song. I do not know why it can be like this. That song makes me have a lot of questions. I am very curious about the meaning of this song and my curiosity took me to "The Most Lonely Creature in the World" story. Seriously. I cried when I read the story about it for the first time. The meaning is very deep and very touching ! I was very impressed to the songwriter. The title of this song is  Whalien 52. It is very unique, right ? It is very unique, even just by reading the title of the song can make us curious. The singer is Bangtan Boys from South Korea. Because this is a Korean song, I have to find the translation to understand it.
“Lonely lonely lonely whale~”

It is one of the lyric that I know because it is in English. From it, I know that it tells about whale. After I searching the whole lyrics, I can understand the meaning of this song. Whalien 52 is abbreviation of  whale + alien and 52 is a frequency of 52 hertz. Amazing.


One day, My friends and I go to the library. We want to find more  information about the whalien. We are very interested in the story that inspired the songwriter in writing this song. How they could have thought to pick up the story of whalien as their song?  What they want to say to us? These are a few questions that popped up in my mind.
“Whalien 52 is unlike the other whales. It is a kind of whale that sings at a very high frequency (52 Hertz), so nobody can hear it! ” My friend, Roy, looked very surprised after he reads the article about whalien 52.
“Do you know? Normally, the whales are unable to hear the frequency more than 12-25 hertz. For humans, it is special. But for the group of whales, it is regarded as an alien. Whalien does not have friend or couple because it can not communicate with other whales. Due to this, it is a very lonely creature that always travels by itself.” Berlyn said. Her face looked sad. “ It is very touching.”
“I know I know I know ! I think the singers of whalien 52 tried to tell us that the lonely whale in this is song is theirselves. Sometimes they feel that they are alone, everybody says different things from them, nobody would not listen to them. But they can shine brightly, they can emerge from the deep and dark ocean, and they want to fight this loneliness. As the whale has to continue believing in its hertz, they have to believe in their voices and songs, the things they want to share through them. By doing this, one day the whale will be heard by other whales even from the other side of the earth and they will be heard by other people in the world. Nobody will be lonely again.” Chacha  said. We all agree with her opinion.
 “Wow! Bangtan Boys, You guys are amazing !” I give my two thumbs up for them. “I am very impressed to the songwriter. They are very genius people I think. Many people like to complain, whine, grumble, and many more. But, we have better luck compared with the whalien. At least, you are not alone in this world and there are people who can hear your crying and your screaming. So we have to be grateful for what is already given by God.”. I close the whalien 52 story book. We all are smiling.

“Yes… we are not a whalien~~”

^^ The End ^^

Whalien 52

The most lonely creature in the world
You wanna know my story
I never told this to anybody
In the middle of this ocean,
One lonely whale cries
No matter how much it shouts, no one can hear it
So lonely it just stays quiet
No matter who I was back then, it’s whatever now I don’t care
When loneliness is by my side
I become completely alone, sadness filling the lock
Whatever now, I became a start
yeah whatever, you can’t
stay by anyone’s side
the way you easily speak to me becomes a wall
Even loneliness becomes an act in your eyes
I’m trapped in this wall
I can’t breathe properly
Towards to surface
Lonely lonely lonely whale
I sing to myself
A lonely island like me
Will it shine bright?
Lonely lonely lonely whale
I sing again
This song that receives no reply
I sing till it reaches someone tomorrow
One endless sea
I’ll once reach
All the way across the world
Even the far sighted whales
Will be able to see me
I’ll sing today, too
The world doesn’t know
How sad I am
My pain that can’t be mixed
Water and oil
Only above the surface
I can’t stop caring when I breathe
A lonely water child
I wanna let them know
What I’m worth Everyday
I become seasick from worrying
A sticker beneath my ear
Never end,
There’s no end and only hell
Even if time flows
a cold heart is Neverland
But I keep thinking
Even if you’re small, dream big
The approaching praise
Will make you dance everyday
Be like me, Ye i’m swimmin’
I swim towards my future
In the clear sea
I believe in
My mother told me the sea was clear and blue
Told me to be loud so that others can hear it
But what do I do?
It’s so dark here
The other whales
Speak so differently
I juss can’t hold it ma
I wanna say I love you
I sing this song alone
I flip the same music sheet
This ocean is too deep
But I’m grateful
(No one will see my tears)
I’m a whalien
Even the far sighted whales
Will be able to see me

I’ll sing today, too

Minggu, 10 April 2016

Movie Review

Title                                : Hotel Transylvania (2012)
Directed by                    : Genndy Tartakousky
Produced by                  : Michelle Murdocca
Production Company   : Sony Pictures Animation
Distributed by               : Columbia Pictures
Genre                             : Animation, Fantasy, Comedy
Running Time               : 92 Minutes
Language                       : English

Starring (Voice Cast)    :
  •          Adam Sandler as Mr. Count Dracula
  •          Selena Gomez as Mavis Dracula
  •     Andy Sambreg as Jonathan
  •     Ceelo Green as Mummy Murray
  •     Kevin James as Frankenstain
  •     Steve Buscemi as Werewolf Wayne
  •     David Spade as Invisible Man


Have you ever imagined that there is a hotel for monsters such as Frankenstain, Big Foot, Zombies, Mummy, Werewolf, etc?

“Even Monsters Need A Vacation”

Yes. There is a hotel which exists in the isolated woodland and owned by Mr. Count Dracula.

Mr. Count Dracula

He built that five-stars hotel far away from human because he wants to build a safe hotel for the monsters that want to take rest from human civilization. We have to pass through a haunting woodland and graveyard to go there.

Mr. Count Dracula and his daughter, Mavis

 Mr. Dracula has a daughter named Mavis. His wife, Martha was killed by human. So, he is very protective to Mavis and he also tries to protect her from human civilization. However, she is very interested in the outside world, especially Hawaii.
On Marvis’s 118th Birthday, her father wants to celebrate it and he will grant her daughter’s wishes, that is to leave the castle and explore the human civilization. But, that all is only Mr. Dracula’s strategy. He made a plan using zombies that disguised as human to frighten her. He succeed to make Marvis does not want to go there again. But, unexpectedly human visits Hotel Transylvania because of that.

Jonathan arrived at Hotel Transylvania

His named is Jonathan, a brave traveller. He was lured by the zombies to the hotel when he saw something on fire. At the moment he arrived at hotel, he think that there is costume party. Mr.Dracula is very panic when he know that there is human comes to his hotel. He disguises him as a “Johnnystein”
      In this movie, Jonathan and Marvis are falling in love. In the beginning, Mr. Dracula did not accept Jonathan because he is a human. But, in the end of this movie, he accepts him. Mr. Dracula choose his daughter’s happiness.

Although there are some soft frightening scene, I think this 3D movie is entertaining, nice and appropriate for all ages. It has colorful characters, great animation, laughable moments, and has great voice cast. There are also dancing and singing scene. I like the way of Mr. Dracula protecting and making her daughter be happy. It is the movie that very enjoyable for family !

Have a nice trip !

Minggu, 03 April 2016


Secret Admirer

The rain is still falling when I wrote this
As I look at the raindrops that knock on my windows
I remember all the memories about you
I do not know why you appear in my mind, suddenly
But one thing that you have to know,
My feels for you, it is true

People said that, there is no perfect man in the world
But you are so perfect for me
I am only one among the millions of people that admire you
You are getting higher there,
And I am getting smaller here
But It is no problem for me though
Although you do not know my existence, I will always support you
My admiration, will be secret
I am your secret admirer~

- This poetry tells about a girl who is falling in love with someone. But she can not have him. He is so far away from her, so it is impossible for her to meet him. She takes the feeling positively and enjoy the moment by supporting him from far away -

Senin, 28 Maret 2016


My name is Putri Azizah Fitri. I am a college student at Jenderal Soedirman University and my major is English Diploma Program. I was born on February 26, 1995, in Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia. My native languages are Indonesian and Javanese. I am studying English, but I also want to study other languages. My favorite pastime are listening to the music, watching movies and reading a book.
First of all, I would like to say thanks to Allah SWT because of the help, I can make this blog. I also say thanks to my lecturer, Mr. Rosyid who have guided me to create this blog.
The purpose of making this blog is to fulfill the assignment that given by Mr. Rosyid as lecturer in “Creative Writing”. I also want to share my writing and improve my writing skill.

Hopefully, this blog can expand the reader’s knowledge. Thank you very much